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What are the 11+ Selection Tests made up of?

The Eleven Plus Tests for girls are made up of questions in Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. Verbal Reasoning is multi-choice word and number based assessments, the English and Maths tests are multi-choice also.

For boys Selection Testing it is Verbal/English and Non-Verbal Reasoning/Maths questions. Verbal Reasoning is word and number based assessments, and the other is shape and spacial awareness assessments. These are all timed, multi-choice tests. The Maths and the English element is a recent introduction in the 2020 tests, while this reduces the amount of Verbal and Non-verbal elements of the test, it does bring a more rounded assessment.

When and where do the tests take place?

Both boys and girls now take their tests on the same day which is usually the last Saturday in September of the year that they start in Year 6. Both sets of tests are now conducted at the school sites, which for boys is at Ermysteds Grammar School and for girls is at Skipton Girls High School. Last year this was delayed until October, but it is anticipated that the tests will take place at this usual time and location this year

When is the best time to start having my child tutored for the Skipton Schools 11 Plus Selection Tests?

The ideal time to start 11 + Selection Test private tutoring is as early as possible. Most children start with me at the beginning of Year 5 in September/October of the year before they are due to take the tests. This allows me to conduct a complete program of study with your child, introducing them not only to the type of questions that may be on the tests, but also equip them with strategies and skills to be able to do them accurately and quickly. Some parents choose to send their child even earlier, I have often tutored children from Year 4. Places do fill up quickly though, so it is better to get your child registered at Skipton Tutoring as soon as possible.

Does my child have to be a certain level or ability to have a chance of passing the tests?

Not necessarily, however it helps if your child has a good vocabulary, comprehension and spelling ability, can cope with most maths problems quickly and accurately and are reasonably organised. Having an enjoyment of reading both fiction and non-fiction goes a long way, as does a good general knowledge base as well. Above all a child needs a good attitude to learning, and a commitment to doing both the classwork and the homework, which can be more than an hour and a half per week on top of the lesson time. They also have to be able to work under some pressure, as the tests and some of the lesson work leading up to it is timed, meaning that accuracy and speed are equally important. The program of 11 + tuition offered by Skipton Tutoring, will enable your child to make full use of their potential and give them a very good chance of succeeding in the Eleven Plus exam. Being tutored is not a guarantee of your child achieving a place at either of the two selective schools, however it goes a long way towards this, and my track record bears this out.

What does the teaching and the tuition involve?

For girls, the one to one instruction at Skipton Tutoring is based on Verbal Reasoning techniques and practice, plus English and Maths teaching to enable students to work quickly and accurately in the Selection Tests. For boys I use very similar instruction in Verbal Reasoning technique, plus I do intensive one to one coaching in Non-Verbal Reasoning, most of which takes place in lesson time, as I instruct students in timing as well as technique.

When, how often and how long are the lessons at Skipton Tutoring?

Lessons take place after school, usually on each day of the week. There is one lesson per week, plus each child will get up to an hour or an hour and a half of homework per week. Homework will be marked the following lesson and you will get weekly feedback on your child’s progress. All lessons are an hour long and start on the hour, starting 4pm, 5pm and 6pm, depending on which day of the week they take place. I am now able to be more flexible during school holiday time, and can easily offer daytime sessions during these periods.

What does my child need to bring to lessons at Skipton Tutoring?

Your child needs to bring only a loose leaf folder or a clip-file, as all materials and stationery are provided. This folder is simply to keep the homework materials and the record keeping sheet, that are provided as part of the 11+ Selection Test private tuition course provided by Skipton Tutoring.

How do I get my child enrolled for 11 Plus Tuition at Skipton Tutoring?

Simply contact me on at my home address on 01756 793 568, or on my mobile 07971 590 742.

Alternatively you can email me at

I will then be able to allocate you an 11 Plus Teaching slot, when and if one is available.

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